Countdown to infinity 1

One more sleep to go. Here is my final place holder planet:



Tomorrow I will be starting NMS on my own personal procedurally generated planet (one out of an almost infinite amount of planets – there should be a word for “almost infinity”) ready to journey to the centre of the universe. I wonder when I can down load from stream.

Final fly in my virtual universe before I play the real virtual universe:

Countdown to infinity 2

Two sleeps to go until NMS launches on the PC. Meanwhile another procedural planet spotted:


While it looks like water once flowed along deep sided ravines, there is now no sign of life on it’s dry and dusty surface. I’ll fly in for a closer look…



Countdown to infinity 3

Everyone is playing it on PS4 now but only three sleeps to go till No Man’s Sky is out on PC. If the graphics are better I won’t mind the wait.

Spotted another of the infinite number of planets today:NoMansSky3:





“Heaven is important but its not the end of the world” Tom Wright

“show me you are redeemed and I will believe in your redeemer” Nietzsche

“…when advocating appeasement or diplomacy, you have a much less rich rhetorical heritage to draw on. There’s no “Let’s stay out of the breach for now and really commit to the peace process” speech in Henry V. David Mitchell

‘I believe I have what’s known as “daddy damage” Belinda Carlisle


Countdown to infinity 4

Only four sleeps to go till No Man’s Sky is downloadable on Steam. Woooo. Think I’ll just go for another quick flight about my DIY universe which is serving as a kind of appetiser to the main course being served up by Hello games in just a few days time.


Oh, and I spotted another procedural planet in my fruit bowl too.  NoMansSky2cap

Count down to infinity

With only 5 sleeps to go till No Man’s Sky releases on the PC I’m starting to see procedurally generated planets everywhere (actually it’s not that surprising given that there are almost an infinite number of them):


Here is a short vid from my DIY version which looks decidedly ropy in comparison but has kept me amused while I waited:



Believe it or not

Did a believe it or not quiz a while back at church as in into to John’s gospel. Picked most of these “facts” up on the internet:


  • The first ever text message said “Merry Christmas”.


  • If you have a pizza with radius z and thickness a, its volume is pi*z*z*a.


  • The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime.


  • Dolphins have names for each other and can call out for each other specifically


  • Vending machines are more deadly than sharks – You are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.


  • If you could fold a piece of paper 42 times, it would be thick enough to reach the moon


  • There are more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all our beaches. There are around 10 sextillion stars in the universe – that’s a 1 followed by 22 zeros. On all our beaches, there’s estimated to be around 5 sextillion grains of sand.


  • The ozone layer smells faintly of geraniums.


  • Bananas don’t grow on trees. They grow on giant herbs.


  • Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets. They where created by a 19th century consume designer for an opera.


  • Goldfish can remember things for us to 3 months.


  • In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real guy, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not.


  • France was Still Executing By Guillotine when The First Star Wars Film Came Out It was only by 1981 when they decided to drop the guillotine


  • The probability that in any glass of water one molecule will have been drunk by Cleopatra is almost 100%


  • The Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme never actually identifies Humpty Dumpty as an egg.


  • If you have 57 people in a room, there’s a 99% probability that at least two of them share a birthday.


  • Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found I suspect this just applies to raw honey though, not the pasteurised stuff.


  • There is a teddy bear in every Dutch police car in case something troubling happens to a child.


  • A 2009 search for the Loch Ness Monster came up empty. Scientists did find over 100,000 golf balls.


  • Sean Connery turned down the Gandalf role inLord of the Rings. “I read the book. I read the script. I saw the movie. I still don’t understand it.”


  • One Out Of 200 People That Are Alive Today Is A Descendant Of Genghis Khan



OK, I can’t vouch for the truth of all of these. And for the most part it doesn’t really matter if they are true or not. But it does matter who you believe Jesus is and what he came to do. John’s gospel is written so that we might believe and in so doing have eternal life.


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