Reaching for Healing

Another proof copy of my book arrived today.


Already spotted one mistake. Contents page should not have Dedication or Contents page in it. Or Acknowledgements? What about preface? mmmm


And there is an odd gap in Part II chapter 6 heading…

Climb over the wall prophetic word

I’ve been posting a few prophetic words I’ve had recently. I think God has said something like these things to me anyway. It’s usually via pictures that pop into my head and prompt an internal dialog with the Lord about them. It’s a bit subjective I know, but there is a very real tension in the prophetic between, on the one hand, a right humility and awareness of our fallibility in hearing, and on the other, trusting that we can hear Jesus, the good Shepherd’s voice. We need to walk before we can run, but even if we can’t walk yet we can push up with our legs and try to stand.



I saw boy having fun kicking a football around in the street. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, it accidentally bounced over the wall of someone’s garden. He didn’t have another ball and obviously wanted it back so knocked on the front door of the house but there was no answer. He pulled himself up to looked over the wall. There it was in the middle of the garden. Completely out of reach, in someone else’s property.

Then he did something he probably should not have. He did it I guess because he really wanted his ball back and there was no other option. He went around the wall until he found a place where he could climb over. He scrambled up and jumped down out of view. After what seemed like several minutes he appeared again climbing back over the wall and resumed his game.

I think God is saying there are people who have had dreams, promises, goals or hopes that have gone out of play. They have enjoyed them and lived in the good of them for a time but they have gone over the wall. Perhaps it was something God was going to do in your life, or someone else’s, or through you or in your community. A great endeavour or exciting change or challenge. But it’s gone. Lost.

You may have done the usual things to get it back but drawn a blank. Well, God is encouraging you to climb the wall. To be audacious. It’s a scary wall sometimes as it takes you out of your comfort zone, our of  familiar territory or normal realm of activity but find a place and scale it.

We sing “we stand where angels fear to tread” which I think is speaking about standing in God’s presence as sons and daughters. Such intimacy and acceptance. But here is the thing: the whole earth belongs to the Lord. And he is taking it back as we advance. He is saying to us that as our feet touch down in the land over the wall it becomes legally ours. The places ruled out of bounds will become our playing field. The losses we have faced will lead us to take new ground. We will stand were others feared to tread.



“A box seat on a bus” prophetic word

God gave me this word for someone recently:


A double decker bus drove towards me as I was cycling home and I saw, sitting in the window on the top deck, a man. His expression was neutral. Giving nothing away. The bus went past me but the man’s expression stayed with me. He seemed detached and unengaged from the world.

But it struck me that he had made a choice to walk up the stairs and to the front of the bus. He had deliberately chosen to sit in a place were he had a good vantage point of the oncoming world. A front row seat. Actually, more like a box seat.

I thought of children who prize that seat for the exciting panorama. The leaning of the bus round corners. The sense of speed as the world zooms towards you. They chatter and shout with excitement. Branches smack against the window and the bus trundles along tree lined roads. And there was this adult, sitting up there. Emotionless.

I felt God speak through it for someone. God saw their child like desire to see the  excitement and wonder of God’s kingdom come in tangible ways. They wanted to have a box seat as God’s kingdom came. Even though on the outside they didn’t show it, inside they were dreaming dreams. God was saying that he would take them on a journey where they saw lives changed.

“Did you spill my pint?” Prophetic word

Had a prophetic word for a friend the other day and it struck me it was relevant for every spirit filled follower of Jesus.beartop

God wants to fill us to overflowing. He is a God of the overflow. A measure pressed down, spilling over, more than enough. He is the God of rivers, but he is also the God of springs. A christian can be like a pint filled right to the top. So full that you can’t carry it without it slipping over the top. Blessing splashing all over the place.


‘Virtual reality’ prophetic word


Funny how God speaks to you in ways you can understand. He speaks in our language, in concepts we can grasp. I love the idea of VR and here what I felt God say recently:


When you watch a film or play a game on a TV you are looking through a window. Even at the cinema there is a window. A screen separating the action and the observers. With Virtual reality, you put on a headset and each eye is shown a different image with no visible boarder. The brain joins the two images and finds itself present in the virtual world. You have stepped through the window into the action. You can look up down left and right, in front and behind and its all around you. The term used for the sense of being there is “presence”. You actually feel like you are really there.

God is calling us through the window. Not into a virtual world but a world more real than this one. A world in which mountains move by faith. A world in which the blind see and the deaf hear. I world in which nothing is impossible. A world in which miracles don’t just take place on books, or in youtube videos but all around us. A place were we are not just hearing about God or watching him do stuff but were we are present with him and his kingdom is breaking out all around us.

“Green light” prophetic word

Here is another prophetic word I felt I had the other day:

flrnt_on_flikr_thin(image from flrnt on flikr)

I was waiting at a traffic light today when the car behind gave me a friendly beep. I looked up and saw that I had been looking at a light a bit father down the street, which was still red. The actual traffic light in front of me however had changed to green and I was able to go.

Before setting out of the journey, someone had told me to put my finger in my bible at random and see weather God wanted to say something rather different than I had planned. I played along (although I know its not a great way of hearing from God) but God definitely got my attention when I opened it at Joel 2 “And afterwards, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh…”. That’s a very famous passage and one God is currently speaking to me about. It did not fall open at that page, rather I just pushed my finger into a page. Obviously I’m not suggesting that we regularly open our bibles at random to see what God would say to us. But God is very kind and does often come and find us and speak to us even in our stumbling baby steps.

Anyway when I got to church, after the traffic light incident I felt God highlight the world “afterwards”. It was repeated over and over. “Afterwards, afterwards, afterwards….”.  It was as if someone kept saying it, but here was the thing: We are now living in the “afterwards”. Jesus has come, died, been raised to life and ascended to his father’s side from where he is pouring out the Spirit. We do not live with a spirit of “Afterwards” anymore: –“after such and such I will do so and so”– putting of the things God is calling us into.

I felt God was giving us a friendly beep on the horn to say “look up, the light is green, it’s a green light for go. There may be a red way down the road, but the light in front is green. Step into my calling for your life. Stop weighting and saying I can’t wait till….. Now is the time. The Spirit is here…

Actually;y the passage talks about everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. thinking about it afterwards I felt it was also about calling on God.


“Loft conversion” prophetic word

I thought I would blog a few of the prophetic words I have given recently. It means I will have a record of them, but also if there is anything of God in them then there will be an over-spill into the lives of others. By that I mean that God’s word blesses not just the immediate recipients but there is something in it that does everyone good.


This one was for an individual and I think also a family of churches. And me🙂

I saw a ceiling that was limiting and boxing in the advance of God’s kingdom and the fruitfulness of his church. A hatch opened and a ladder came down. I climbed up and looked around with a torch. The loft space was vast. Then I saw the space renovated and rooms put in place. Like a massive loft conversion. I felt God say that there is a difference between going up to the loft to get something (and then going down again), and going up to the loft to live there. I felt God say:

“I want you to learn to live above the level of your limitations. Your limitations will become solid ground beneath your feet. You will stand on previous limitations, and not for a brief moment, but that stance, that place will become a place of habitation for you.”

Instead of brief trips past our normal limitations, only to come back down again and get comfortable, and live beneath them again, we will learn to live in an ongoing way in that place of huge potential.

I asked the Lord what that would look like and felt that worship was key. It becomes fresh air to breath. But also, long term structures could to be put in place to enable us to live in the space God was opening up for us. I’m guessing that is things like doing things a different way on Sundays, setting up healing on the streets, dealing with pastoral challenges and discipleship in a different way. Making more space for the prophetic and supernatural. New confidence in the gospel and evangelism. These are more guesses through than the picture and words I felt God say.