Moving Mountains

Well, I thought as I’ve asked others to do some blogs on this site it would be good to do one myself. Just got back from a brilliant holiday in France and beginning to take hold of things again here at Kings.

We are starting a new mini series “A call to action” on Sunday before embarking on the main terms series “New beginnings”. We are feeling a real sense of the battle we are in at the moment and so will be preaching into that strong biblical theme for a few weeks.

It is of course a fight of faith and so I’m thinking of kicking off looking at faith. I have been especially drawn to Jesus’ provocative statement about how a tiny faith can move a massive mountain and been surprised to find he says it several times in slightly different contexts.

Optimus Prime

At the moment just trying to get my head around the magnitude of what he is saying. As I read these familiar verses again they seem to come to life and transform from a friendly Ford focus into a devastating killer robot. Or imagine (as I’m sure you can) looking at a tiny speck in the sky and watching spell bound as it comes towards you and grows and grows until you realise it’s a massive skyscraper sized space ship that crashes down to earth and screeches to a halt just inches away from you. Well it’s a bit like that too! Is Jesus really saying what he seems to be saying? Should we tame this or be transformed by it?

Early days yet, but very exciting. I love this bit of preparation. Encountering God’s living and active word. I want (no I need) my life to change in light of this and I want to see it strengthen and enrich us as a church too.


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