the tide will turn

God has also raised our expectation for healing. I went to the early morning prayer meeting this morning. Its starts at 6:30 so I tried going to bed as early as possible. 11:30pm. Not bad for us :-). Then I had that thing where you can’t sleep because you know you need to get to sleep quickly. Surely it’s the experience that the word irony was invented for. Anyway, it was great to be there and enjoy Jesus with others and humbling to be prayed for again. It would be great to be totally well again but my slight discomforts are easily forgotten when I think of others great need in this area. Let’s keep crying out to God to destroy cancers and MS and Parkinson’s and crippling arthritis. Isn’t that a key, tangible sign of the kingdom of God?

Even as I was writing these last few sentences I got a prayer request from someone suffering with a debilitating illness. Here is another irony. As I press into God for healing it seems I hear of more people getting ill. Surely the tide is about to turn and we will see breakthrough.

I’ve just emailed a couple of people who are seeing healing more and more for advice on how to move forward in this but I know I’ve got to step up my prayer life. Not simply to put the hours in but to release the burden to God, that his healing power would breakout among us.


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