something fishy

It’s been so good to have Sam Poe here over the last few days. A great time of teaching and prophetic on sat night at mobilise in the east then on Sunday he gave a brilliant word about the Jesus and the loaves and fishes. It’s a passage that in my ignorance I felt overly familiar with but he brought some great teaching out of in I terms of the supernatural. Jesus got the disciples involved in the miracle by:

i) getting them to tell the hungry people to get into groups ready to eat when there was clearly no food, and

ii) dishing out the few bits that they did have only to discover that it didn’t get depleted. When they started organising people they stepped out into that risky arena that is the context for the supernatural. You can’t do the supernatural from behind a safety screen. You’ve got to make yourself vulnerable. Then they got their hands involved in the miracle by dishing out the bread. How great must that have felt when they saw what was happening before their very eyes and in their very own hands!

It was a great illustration of one of the few similarities across churches that see lots of people healed. People in those churches not only having a strong confidence that God wills to heal and a deep compassion for those who are sick, but are willing to step out and risk their reputation to take hold of a miracle.


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