Twittering on

Well, today I went to the doctors to see what’s wrong with my back. Something in my spine seems to have moved out of place. Then had a great chat with an Elder from Canterbury church about small groups. Went to a school governors meeting and tried to understand our budget. Did a lot of running around with one of our children who has just learnt to ride her bike but I’m not sure if she can stop ok yet. Felt like a presidential body guard running alongside the presidential car. Found a much better place to invest my savings than the bank – a local church! Took kids swimming. Watched the first part of the miracle maker with them (great film, felt quite emotional at times at how great Jesus is). Had a delicious tea cooked by my gorgeous wife. And now, have just revisited my twitter account and resolved to use it a bit more. I’ve tried to write the first part of this blog entry in a twitter style (short ‘tweets’) to get the hang of it. I feel under pressure to twitter a book recommendation or pass on some great quote so I’ve not said much on twitter yet. My mind is blank at the moment though. Think I will just have to say what I’m up to. I think that’s supposed to be part of the charm of twitter. You get to hear about the little unimportant details of someone’s life.

I joined about nine months ago but never twittered anything. A few people tried to follow me but I was embarrassed at how I had not twittered anything so have not accepted anyone yet. Oh, except the person who encouraged me to try it out (thanks Ed). The thing that prompted me to give it another go was hearing about the massive effect social networking sites are having on the election campaign. I suddenly realised that things like twitter were not “time wasters” but increasingly important and powerful means of communication. A lot of New Frontiers churches even twitter to let people know what’s going on. Does King’s in Norwich? I don’t even know. Anyway my twitter name is @dmarcust. See you in cyberspace.


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