Greek Gods

I saw Clash of the Titans last night. Although not as good as Avatar in terms of 3D cinematography (I feel slightly pretentious having used that word, sorry), CGI effects, and story line it was none the less an enjoyable experience and an unexpectedly thought provoking one at that. The story is all about the interplay between the gods on Mt Olympus and the humans down below. The contrast between the Greek gods and the God couldn’t be more striking. Zeus, the king of the gods created mankind to love him and is in fact reliant on their love to sustain his immortality. He acts in human history to manipulate people into loving him and worshiping him, first by being nice, then by letting his bad brother be nasty. It struck me in the car on the way back home how the real God is so different. He needs nothing from us yet gives us everything. His love isn’t manipulative, its self sacrificing.

Then there is Perseus, a demi-god, half human and half God. His relationship with his father Zeus is decidedly dysfunctional. How far removed from the incarnation where Jesus is both fully human and fully God knowing such unity and love with his father.

On another note, I had a great opportunity to pray with someone today. They came round to pick up some stuff form a free add thing but got talking about their health. As they described a long list of ailments I felt Jesus with me saying “go on then”. I offered to pray for him and he accepted.  Nothing seemed to happen then and there but exciting to get the chance to pray in Jesus name and who knows what will happen now in his life. I am in a battle more real and more fierce than anything in Clash of the Titans and God has given me every weapon I need to fight it.


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