She cried and cried

One of my children didn’t want to be left alone at a fun activity day today. She cried and cried until Sarah said she would stay with her for the day. It was a shame as we missed a wedding we really wanted to go to but our daughter was distressed and needed us. I have just read a friends blog about the poor and been reminded that there are girls around the world trapped in poverty and prostitution. Abandoned in a very dark places with no one to stay and love them. I wonder how long they cried for before falling silent. What can I do? God please step in. Direct me. Equip me. Please draw close to those who need you.

Just found this: It’s the web address of Rehab ministries, a Christian organisation that helps prostitutes in Thailand. Here’s what their web site says:

“Over 4000 women work each night in the sex tourism area of Patpong. Rahab Ministries is situated in the middle of this red light area and for over 20 years they have been showing God’s love to these precious women.

Rahab Ministries takes these girls from the life of prostitution and employs them in either jewellery making, nail art or hairdressing while also teaching them English. Retraining them in a safe Christian environment where they learn about Jesus, allows a change to happen inside out.”

And to think I was excited about getting some new gismos and gadgets for my birthday. I would much rather use the money to extend God’s kingdom. Money is such an amazing thing. A few clicks on the internet, my bank balance changes on a computer somewhere, and half way round the world lives begin to change.

You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion 2 Cor 9:11

The reason I have money is to be generous. Thank you Jesus for all you have given me and for reminding me of the purpose of riches. You’re kingdom come!


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