More gems

Here are some more gems from the Heaven touches earth conference:
  • The holy Spirit fell on the disciples just as the father “fell” on the prodigal son
  • We need to be more concerned to connect to God’s love than plugging into God’s power. The former is the foundation for the latter.
  • Philip was an ordinary person, a deacon, a servant in the church in Acts, not an apostle yet he did amazing miracles. That means we can too! His daughters prophesied. I wonder what it was like around their breakfast table.
  • Miracles and healing and the gospel can impact a whole city and bring joy to it.
  • Its grace but there is a price to pay for miracles and healing
  • You have to press and crush something to get the oil out. Jesus was crushed.
  • Big difference between preaching the gospel to get someone into the kingdom, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom to empower you and change you and make you effective in the kingdom.
  • You can see the Spirit. His effects are visible.
  • The flow of the Holy Spirit in you is related to your heart.
  • He’s not called Holy Spirit for nothing. He loves holiness and being in and on  people who live right.
  • It’s not just the message of the gospel that is important it’s the method. It’s proclamation with power in signs and wonders.
  • Revival must be related to and result in holiness.
  • Jesus loves me this I know because the Spirit tells me so
  • Take baby steps to God.
  • The holy Spirit is not the butler of heaven
  • If you have unforgiveness in your heart you will be tormented.
  • Look to cooperate with the Holy Spirit not coerce Him
  • Less is not more in the Kingdom. Expect more as it’s an ever increasing kingdom.
  • Develop a friendship with the Holy Spirit
  • The happiest command in the Bible is to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • The trinity is not Father Son and Holy Bible! Its Father Son and Holy Spirit
  • It’s not all about authority, or bible knowledge it’s about intimacy.
  • “stay on the floor and have some more!”
  • Doing the works of miracles and bypassing intimacy with God is slavery.
  • We are not looking for manifestations, we are looking for Jesus
  • God’s glory is the substance of his goodness
  • The kingdom starts of concealed in smallness like a small flame in the heart of a pile of wood.
  • Focus on what God is doing or has done, not on what he has not done
  • Ex 40:34 everything was anointed with oil then the cloud came, Jn 17, 18, 2 cor 3:12
  • God is omnipresent but loves to manifest his presence at certain times and places
  • To someone after miracles: “there are ship wrecks where you are going” reply: “yes but that’s because there is treasure there”.
  • Chew on the meat and spit out the bones
That’s all of them! The process of writing them all down again helped me and I hope there are some nuggets for others there too.

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