Bill Johnson conference (part 2)

Here is the next batch of points I wrote down from the Bill Johnson conference (as I said before I’m still processing them but here they are in raw form):

· If several people don’t get healed of something like MS I think “God just summoned me” to see breakthrough in this.
· Nothing happens in the kingdom until first there is a declaration
· most Christians repent (ie change their minds) enough to get saved but not enough to see the kingdom come in any great measure
· Jesus said my words are spirit and truth, gods word releases the power of the spirit to bring the kingdom in.
· The hidden Power of heaven is in the hands. Peter took the man’s hands and he was healed.
· Do not lower Scripture to experience rather raise experience to Scripture
· we do not have the right to say it was God’s will to take a child home to him when it dies prematurely. Not everything that happens is God’s will.
· In the process of learning we face disappointment but we cannot change the standard Jesus set. Everyone was healed.
· We have no right to get into gilt and shame when we don’t see people healed. That will only sets us back.
· We need to cry out to God in the secret place and then take risks in a public place.
· In releasing Gods power words are important (ie be healed), touch is important (ie laying on of hands), acts of faith are important (try walking on that leg now) and so are prophetic acts (throw an axe handle in after the axe head to make the axe head float – ie there is no direct link between the action and result).
· There is a difference between principles and presence. We must never put people at risk because of the principle that we might decide to step out in such a way when we are confident of the presence.
· Faith does not need to be proven. It just is.
· Thankfulness is the atmosphere of faith.
· Colossians 3 says fix your mind on things above. You seem world is more substantial than the visible world. Faith needs to be anchored in the eternal unseen realm.
· We pray for the sick so that Jesus gets what he paid for
· celebrating another person’s victory is what qualifies us for our own
· the church in England is afraid of blessing “what will people think if good things happen to me?” We feel the need to excuse or explain ourselves when God blesses us in some way what God wants to mark us with his blessing
· to do all you have in your hearts to do for God you will need to prosper. If not your heart is not big enough.
· To not seek the blessing of the Lord is one of the most selfish acts of the church.
· It would be very difficult not to run to God if we really knew how good he is.
· Romans eight describes the most powerful prayer meeting in the Bible. The holy spirit, Jesus, and creation are groaning and crying out.
· Hell is plan B. Plan A is gods kindness that leads to repentance. We shouldn’t scare people with hell, but motivate them by God’s kindness.
· Some people criticise the church when it is enjoying God’s blessing by saying ” you are just one big bless me club” to which bills reply is ” and the problem with that is?”
· Psalm 67 -> bless us, so that everyone knows how good you are and get saved – even the land will be miraculously productive.
· John 1 : I pray that you will prosper and be in good health.
· All the men and women whom God has used powerfully to heal the sick believe that ” all sickness comes from the devil”. The destroyer, the devourer. John G Lake. Aimee Semple McPherson. etc

A lot of very provoking statements here, especially the point about blessing made from Psalm 67. As my heart is broken over child trafficking around the world, I can expect God to bless me massively to bring the kingdom in there big time.

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