Sacrifice and Sovereignty

I have watched two films so far with my blinkbox account; Gran Torino and 300. Coincidently both have “sacrifice” as a key theme which made me wondered how many other films explore this profoundly central concept that is woven into all being and creation. Very quickly I came across a film called Sacrifice.

Sacrifice offers a view of the terrible odds faced by women born into poverty where the only commodity for sale are their bodies. These are complicated stories that get beneath tabloid headlines to capture, with great visual invention, the dignity and damaged nobility of young Burmese victims. The lives of these women are revealed to be the stuff of fairy tale…the magic goes bad and the witch, the ogre, and the monster win the day in this chilling view of sexual exploitation…one we have never seen before.”
— B. Ruby Rich, San Francisco Bay Guardian

As I pondered why this film was called sacrifice, I look out of my study window and all seems well with the world. But it isn’t. The magic has gone bad and the witch, the ogre and the monster are all out there. Repunzel is still in her tower, Bell is still with the beast, Hansel is still caged and Gretel enslaved. We also heard today that the girl we sponsor, and for whom we pray most nights with our children, has lost her grandfather and that her mother has been beaten and robbed leaving her seriously ill. We don’t think she has a father.

How am I to understand God’s sovereignty in all this? Only in a way that does not negate my responsibly. God use me! Work though me! Empower me. Fill me. Direct me. Strengthen me.

Bill Johnson tweeted this today:

“If God can trust us with mystery, He will trust us with revelation. If we trust God with mystery, we will trust Him in revelation.”

God I trust you that you’re son’s sacrifice on the cross secured a “happy ever after”. Help me follow in your footsteps, living a life of sacrifice and proclaiming freedom for the oppressed.


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