Put on the full armour of God

Just got a few mins to post some more notes from the Brighton leadership conference. They are from Terry’s talk on Eph 6 about the armour of God. I’ve found it so helpful to go through them again. One memorable highlights was the “Oh look there is some religion” comment upon seeing something on the pavement. It was a vivid illustration but the point has stayed with me. I found it so helpful the way he looked at some great men of God and pointed out that at some time or another you leave the lime light, or the anointing changes or fades and it’s just you and God again. I really want to make sure I am rejoicing that my name is in the book of life and not in any of the things he is letting me do. Not that I am doing much at the moment but I so want to see more power in healing and prophecy etc. This truth must be deep in my soul, that I am accepted in Christ, not because of anything I have done. My motivation for gifting must be love. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope the notes make some sense:
  • Sword of the spirit.
  • Not defending, it’s against the enemy. The aggressive use of truth.
  • Not proof text but holy spirit inspired utterances.
  • Helmet of salvation.
  • Salvation now is small fry next to the future event of salvation from hell and judgment. The night is far gone. Day is at hand. It’s like seeing the thin golden line on the horizon as you fly in an aeroplane. It’s the day dawning. In hope we are saved. We are like children waiting for Christmas presents they see under the tree.
  • Set your hope on the revelation that is to come.
  • “We will look back at our life on this earth as one night in a bad hotel.” Mother Teresa.
  • Don’t feel like God loves you?!!!…. Gird yourself with truth! Truth shapes the way we think.
  • Paul used the glorious passage in Philippians about Jesus being in very nature God to stop two women from fighting. Books have been written about it. Whole libraries, yet it was written for very practical application.
  • The breast plate of righteousness.
  • Heart, emotions. Satan accuses us day and night. All the time. Drip drip drip.
  • It’s not the breast plate of performance like in religion where you have to earn God’s favour and acceptance.
  • Terry to Wendy “Watch out there is a bit of religion down there” in reference to some dog poo. Philip 3:8 “I consider [my good works as a zealous righteous Pharisee] dung”
  • Billy Graham saw thousands saved but now can barely walk, reliant on a Zimmer frame to move. Lucky he never relied on anything but Jesus to save him. Once he could do loads for Jesus now he is far more limited.
  • Oral Roberts used to heal hundreds but later in his life the gift didn’t seem to work that way anymore. Our faith and joy needs to be in Jesus’ righteousness not our own.
  • And how do revival leaders feel when the revival stops? When Satan says God isn’t with you anymore. It all depends on whether their confidence was in their works or Jesus’.
  • Footwear. Stability. The passage says ‘stand’ three times.
  • “Here I stand I can do no other”. Luther.
  • Os Guinness was a friend of Terry’s at bible school.
  • Joshua, I have given the city to you.  So Joshua marched all night.
  • Shields.
  • They would soak their shields in water to extinguish fiery arrows. Fiery arrows are terrifying. Coming from the sky.
  • Anxiousness is a sin. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Don’t be anxious.
  • Faith is not automatic like a garage door. It doesn’t open of itself. You fight the fight of faith. Faith is active.
  • Fear not you worm Jacob I will thresh the mountains through you. Is 41:14-15.
  • When Joshua took Jericho they had a good attack but poor defense. Acan took some treasure and hid it. You can be a great TV evangelist seeing miracles and thousands saved but not be guarding your marriage.
  • We can’t just share our marriage course. At least I hope not. We will be teaching Christian married couples something very different to none Christians. Of course we can share common sense but anyone can do that. “have a date night”, “forgive each other”, “communicate” etc but our marriages are built upon a different foundation.
  • Love your wife, cherish her like Christ did the church.
  • All truth is taken by faith. Science is built on presuppositions taken by faith.

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