Visiting another great church

I visited Longton Community Church on holiday recently. I had a great time worshiping to some familiar songs. I think they must have been Hillsongs or Jesus Culture or David Crowder because I recognized them from my iTunes worship collections but had not had the chance before to worship publicly with them. Brilliant.

The Preach was on Holy Moments, looking at the blind man and the mud (John 9:6), and Moses and the burning bush (Ex 3). The main points that I took home were that holy moments are:

1) hard at the front end (having mud smeared on your eyes, being asked to challenge Pharaoh).

2) involve a call to go (go to the pool and wash off the mud, go to Pharaoh and say…).

3) require trust ie knowing God in a way that allows us to walk into the unknown.

I want to approach the next difficulty that comes my way with an expectation of it being a holy moment. Not with the feeling of walking into a mine field but exploring a diamond mine.

The people were very friendly and  made us feel very welcome plus the youth had just been at a great event were they had obviously had lots of fun. The meeting ended with well over 30 of them doing a fun dance. Then back home to relatives house for Sunday lunch. mmmm


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