Anyone for a game of cards?

A few years ago I designed a pack of cards to help me teach the story of the Old Testament. Each card has a picture of an OT event which allows them to be used not only for playing normal card games, but for learning about the bible. Here are some games you can play:

  • Each person picks five cards and places them in order
  • A team try to put the whole pack in order, laid out on a table
  • Pick a card and place it in the bible where the event occurs
  • Do Bruce Forsyth’s “Higher Lower – play your cards right” game but guess whether the next card turned over will depict an event that is before or after the last. This game can be augmented with OT bible questions. Ie first team to answer the question right gets the chance to play “Before or After”.

Anyway, if you want to print them out and use them, here they are as a sort of “Brucie Bonus”.

I managed to print a backing on them but it’s a bit fiddly so I’ll just post the front images for now. Some of the  characters first appeared in 2004 when I preached on Cain and Abel. I’ll add them to my Bible blog on Cain and Abel.


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