You can quote me on that (part 1)

One of the reasons I like twitter is that if you follow the right people you get a daily source of great quotes. When I see a good one I jot it down. Each time I get 10 or so I will splurge them in a blog. Here’s the first lot from a few months ago (actually looking at them again they are not all from twitter but most are):

The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not being said. Peter Drucker

He did not die to make men savable, but to save them. CHSpurgeon

If we can trust the sufferings of Christ for our sake then we can trust Christ when we suffer for His sake. TozerAW

Dads: Bedtime stories mean more to your kids than you will ever know. PJ_Smyth

Jonathan Edwards says that a lack of external expression in worship can actually destroy Christian community and devotion. “Some bodily worship is necessary to give liberty to our own devotion; yea though in secret, so more when with others . . . ‘Tis necessary that there should be something bodily and visible in the worship of a congregation; otherwise, there can be no communion at all.from desiring god blog.

Any area of life that does not have an expectation of good is under the influence of lie. Bill Johnson

Neither the length nor eloquence of your prayers causes God to answer. God responds to faith. See Mark 11:24 RickWarren

When electricity was first discovered, it was considered by most observers to be an amusing novelty. Few people could conceive of the potential of the power of electricity to drive industry and light whole cities. When people speak with Other Tongues it is a sign of the unspeakable potential of the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will permeate our entire ministry, if we let Him. Agreed? REINHARD BONNKE

I’m not moved by statistics. That’s yesterday. Today and tomorrow belong to me. All I’m moved by is what God has said his will is. The pattern that Jesus gave us. Jesus healed everyone oppressed by the devil. He never once said “I’d like to heal you but the father is using this to make you a better person.” Bill Johnson

I am living in denial. I deny the devil the right to influence my life! Bill Johnson


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