Mission24 conference (part 1)

I went to a conference last week run by Mission 24. Had a great time and found the teaching really helpful, especially the stuff on authority as I have been thinking about that a lot recently and am going to preach in it in a few days time. Here are some of my notes from Chris Overstreet’s talks:

  • Chris (who seems a very bold, confident out going guy) felt the embarrassment, and the thoughts of passersby, when he stepped out for Jesus, and prayed for people but he persevered through it.
  • If you fear man, man will become your master
  • It is dangerous to believe and not to live it out
  • He believes strongly in learn one, do one, teach one. Apparently that’s what the medical community live by. It goes double for discipleship.
  • Believe, live, impart
  • Mark 1:15 The kingdom of God is at hand. You need to repent (change / transform your thinking)  to see this fact
  • Rom 14:17 The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
  • 1/3 of the kingdom if joy!
  • If you are not moving in joy, you have forgotten your salvation
  • Mark 6:33 Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness (which is your identity)
  • knowing you are 100% forgiven is the corner stone
  • righteousness produces peace and joy.
  • Rom 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel..in it the righteousness of God is revealed…
  • Paul knew no shame even though he had persecuted the church. Killed and imprisoned believers. Stood by watching Stephen stoned.
  • The gospel is God’s one step program for freedom
  • Revelation says we are kings and priests.
  • We need to know we are sons, forgiven, as if we had never sinned. This leads us into a lifestyle.

I’ll blog more notes later.

I also listen to some more Bill Johnson on the way to and from the conference (which was miles and miles away) but obviously I couldn’t make detailed notes! Here are some vague recollections.

  • Jesus says “I will be with you” when he gives his disciples an important task
  • I noticed a link between the oppressed and the blind. in the Isaiah passage Jesus quotes at the start of his ministry. It weaves together sickness and injustice.
  • As you go teach. The active very is teach not go. The emphasis is on teaching not going. Its not saying go to places and teach but as you inevitable go make sure you teach.
  • He mentioned the powerful  anointing that was on Bob Jones. Not sure if thats the Bob Jones who founded the religious university or the Bob Jones who part of the Kansas City prophets.
  • He mentioned God’s generals again. I must get that.
  • There is such a things as an umbrella of anointing. When you are around anointed people you can operate in their anointing. I have noticed that. He says David’s men were good at defeating Giants. (apparently there where only three giants around, David got one and his men got the other too). I wonder if it would be right to say that Jesus disciples operated under the umbrella of Jesus’ anointing. Now of course we are all anointed by the Spirit but still the principle might hold in some way.

There was so much more but I can’t remember it. May have to listen to the CDs again.


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