I love your presence (part 4)

It’s a while back now but I’m still enjoying the benefits of being at a healing conference in Kent where the keyh speaker was the guy who heads up the healing rooms at Bill Johnson’s Bethel church in the States. The presence of God is getting more and more wonderful. Here are some of my notes from Pete Carter’s session:

  • there is no sickness in heaven – it would be a tough eternity if that were not true!

    Pete Carter

  • I’m a medical doctor and I’m looking for a break when I get there!
  • There is no “how-to” pray for the sick in the bible.
  • This is for you. For everyone. Is God your father? Yes, so we are sons and daughters. Healing is the privilege of sons and daughters.
  • It’s not just about how to do it but who does it. (me – not “how to” but “who does”)
  • the holy spirit is not first for service but for sonship.
  • It’s by the spirit that we cry “abba” father
  • The two key ingredients of healing are compassion and faith
  • Faith is rooted in knowing God.(Me – and hearing the word of God)
  • God is better than we think – so we better change the way we think! He is infinite.
  • It’s all about loving God and loving other people
  • He told a story about when his son had a really painful ear infection. He wished he could have the pain himself rather than his son feel it it. This illustrates the gospel and healing.
  • He also told a story about visiting a quadriplegic boy in a hut in Mexico. He had been beaten up at eight and left paralyzed. He was now 18. As a medical doctor he could do nothing. They prayed. Medicine and supernatural healing are complimentary! Because of his medical background when the boys legs started to scissor he knew God was doing something. God told him to pick him up. Some said no you can’t do that. You can’t hold out hope in front of these people. It’s a common fear. There will be moments of choice for us when God speaks. In the end he picked up the boy, his legs were strengthened, he smiled and walked out the door.
  • Another time he was unable to medically help a mothers baby. 25% of kids die before they are five in this part of Mexico. Mainly through dysentery. He prayed and nothing happened. He prayed again nothing happened. He pray the third time and nothing happened. He had to send the mother away thinking the baby would die. Later in a meeting the mother was there with the baby who was almost dead. They prayed again for 30 mins. The little baby was grasping occasionally for breath and her eyes were rolled backwards. She was in the last moments of life. He couldn’t take it anymore and had to walk away. He was cross with God. God said to him “why were you praying?“. He realised it was mainly for a testimony. At that moment he felt an overwhelming loved for the baby. He went back and said “put the baby back to your breast“. Nothing happened. He said “do it again”. This time the baby started feeding and was later totally restored. “The motivation of your heart is to see them get better not for you to have a great story”.
  • When you get a good story pride will come knocking on your door
  • What will keep you safe? Knowing God and being a son.
  • When he started as a junior doctor in 1980 he prayed and fasted for a guy to get better (coming of a ventilator then was really difficult). He did and went on to play a key role in some aspects of the country (UK).
  • He saw a 15,000 strong Mexican people group changed by the gospel. They were freed from shame and came into sonship. Loving one person can change a nation.
  • In Acts 8 Philip leaves a revival where there was joy in the city, to “go to the desert road“. He was not told what to do when he got there or who to meet but God wanted to change a nation. Philip preached the gospel to an Ethiopian eunuch and Ethiopia came to know the gospel. (Not sure how we can be sure of that but since he was a very important guy he would have had a lot of influence.)
  • Prophecy is not just “hearing God’s voice” it’s a birthright for all. Prophecy is about passing on what God says to other people.
  • Some people say “I never hear God“. Spend time with him then. God is a good dad and he doesn’t have favourites. You will hear God’s voice.
  • Apparently someone was treasure hunted five times before they accepted it was God speaking to them.
  • Don’t judge your activity by an unbeliever’s unbelief.
  • I got a prophecy from one of the Bethel team that God was molding me. “You are clay in his hands”. He saw me on an airplane going to new places. That he could see aerial views. It’s true I am being changed by God and also beginning to get stirred by the thought of serving in other nations.

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