You can quote me on that (part 6)

Here are a few more quotes I quite liked:

Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. There was no one there. MaxLucado

You cannot really believe in this great salvation without feeling something. LLoyd-Jones

Richard Dawkins was asked in a guardian interview “What problem do you hope scientists will have solved by the end of the century?”. He replied the problem of human consciousness.

As a father, I’ve never regretted making time to spend with my daughters. But I have regretted not doing so. Dads, let’s do it while we can! MaxLucado

Leaders: The emphasis is CHARACTER more than GIFTING, and on BEING rather than DOING. Once we BE we will DO well. PJ_Smyth

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence…Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. BearGrylls

When we pursue kingdom principles above His presence we are seeking a kingdom without a king. billjohnsonBJM

No one cares how quickly Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. RickWarren

When it comes to The Bible ignorance is not bliss. Greg Haslam

One man filled with the Holy Spirit is better than a hundred committees, which, ‘keep minutes but lose hours.’ When God so loved the world He did not form a committee, but sent His Son, and His Son sent the Spirit. Christ said that believers are the light of the world, but it needs the Holy Spirit to switch them on. Plugged in? Be switched on. REINHARD BONNKE


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