The continuing testimony of Delia Knox

I am keeping an eye on the exciting events sounding Delia Knox. Judging by the number of hits my last post on her has had and the number of tweets and web searches people seem to be doing, other people are quite interested too.

Since the initial few videos of her standing and walking a few others have been published which seem to show her healing is still continuing:

Not sure when this is but she is walking about for 25 mins with a little assistance and praying for people

And again:

And check these pics out:

Turns out she lives near where I was born!

And these videos are dated Thursday Oct 21st, so over a month after the healing started, show Delia walking out of a car and up some steps. Still being gently helped on either side but very much out of a wheel chair. I’m afraid at this point I can’t hold in a “praise God!”. Praise God!!

Her sister talking about it and some clips of news coverage.

A trascript of CNN report after a movie clip was shown:

PHILLIPS: Yes, that’s from “Fletch Lives.” Chevy Chase poking fun at faith healers. Maybe this is how you view it. It’s fraud healing. You know, the stuff of parody.

If you do, just suspend your disbelief for a couple of minutes and watch this story from Lorey Schultz of WIVB in Buffalo. It’s about a family getting ready to see their daughter walk for the first time in 23 years.

And I want to say we did ask the Shepherd Center — that’s a spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospital here in Atlanta — about this. And they said right off the bat that it seems like a hoax.

So you take a look at this and then we want you to weigh in.



LOREY SCHULTZ, WIVB, BUFFALO (voice-over): Amelia Roman has waited 23 years for this moment. With family and friends by her side, was about to see her daughter, Delia, walking home.

SCHULTZ: Did you pray every day for Delia?

ROMAN: Every single day.

SCHUTLTZ (voice-over): Others were just as excited.

MILAGROS FANCHER, FRIEND: I can’t wait. I cannot wait to see what God was able to do.

CASIMIRO RODRIGUEZ, FRIEND: Our faith has always been that God does miraculous things.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): For more than two decades, gospel singer Delia Roman-Knox was the woman in the wheelchair. At 25, she was paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a drunk driver.

DELIA ROMAN KNOX, GOSPEL SINGER: I’m feeling your hands. SCHULTZ (voice-over): Now the Buffalo native, who resides in Alabama, can be seen all over YouTube. Eight weeks ago at a Christian revival, she shocked everyone when she got out of her wheelchair and walked.

Since then, she couldn’t wait to return to western New York to see her parents. Our camera rolled as she arrived and took her first steps outside the family home.


KNOX: That was one of my things, I just wanted to walk up the stairs and see my mom and my dad. I just thank God that they’re alive to see this.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Delia claims she had no idea that on the night she was wheeled into the revival, she would leave on two feet.

KNOX: I would stay away from revivals because I’ve been pulled, plopped and dropped. This time, I walked. I didn’t sing. I didn’t talk. I just walked.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Miracle?

KNOX: All I know is once I couldn’t walk, and now I walk.

ROMAN: My house is as a house of miracle. I tell you that it’s all — it’s only one way. The Lord.


PHILLIPS: Now, again, there’s been no medical explanation of why she’s able to walk now. Delia Knox didn’t want to talk about what her doctor or physical therapist think, and she wouldn’t go into detail about the medical condition that caused the paralysis. One skeptic says that maybe she could walk but just didn’t before that revival.

All right. We want you to weigh in now. What do you think? Faith or fraud? And do you have any miracle stories that you want to share with us? Leave your comments on my blog, I’ll read some of them next hour.


Anyway, will keep following this amazing story.

PS. Just seen this too were she looks even better.


3 thoughts on “The continuing testimony of Delia Knox

  1. When I first read this, I thought, how incredible, I truly believe miracles occur on a daily basis. AND, it’s an act of God. You may ask how I know this? Five and a half weeks ago, I was driving home from work and suffered a brain aneurism. It was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my entire life. I called a friend on my mobile phone stating that I was gonig to try to get to the emergency room, but, might not make it.
    I’m sitting here today at work. My neurosurgeon has dismissed me. I did not have surgery. I had no medication other than Tylenol–can no longer take aspirin. Now, for ME and what I BELIEVE, this was a MIRACLE OF GOD! My anuerism was not just a “bleed”, but more “acute”. There are more folks in the ground right now that have suffered aneurisms than are still walking. My doctor told me from the beginning that (1.) it could occur again and (2) that he thought my body would absorb the blood and marrow that was above my right eye. So, at this point, all of the naysayers will state, that was no miracle. No miracle? I say, then why didn’t I just drop dead that very moment, which is what happens more times than not with an acute subdural hematoma. It HAD to be a miracle! It HAS to be a miracle! The one God that we all worship, for WHATEVER reason, has chosen to save my life and keep me on this earth, for whatever time I have. My new 3D MRI tests as well as the CT scans show that not only has the fluid been absorbed back into my brain, I have new veins that have grown over where the rupture happened. I apologize this is so long. I have no choice but to believe that the God that has allowed me to stay on this earth, can heal someone of paralysis! END OF STORY

  2. All I ask – if a miracle is a miracle (no matter how small or large) Why does your god always
    favour people in wheelchairs and not amputees! Have yet see such a sight as an amputee growing
    a new set of legs in one of these prayer meetings.

  3. We have a girl from Marin county California, who was born with a short stubby arm. It stopped growing at the elbow with a little deformed hand on the end. when she was in her late teens, she went on a missions trip to South America to a mass revival there, at one point in the out door service miracles started to break out in the crowd, no one prayed over or touched anyone, Just spontaneous miracles breaking out , she fell down at one point under the Power of God, and her friends all watched as a perfectly normal arm started to develop right in front of their eyes, One of the young pastors said he could not believe what he was seeing, he also confessed this sin of unbelief to God and asked God to forgive him, he was instantly delivered of the spirit of unbelief. With in a 1/2 hour the girl had a total creative miracle restoration of her arm, she went home to the States with a new arm. May The Lord Jesus be glorified at the retelling of this story. This happened about 15 years ago. You can call the church office and talk to Pastor Klinge @ New LIfe Christian Center in Novato California for details of this story.

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