Christmas : Drawing it all together

A couple of years ago I did a talk at our church Christmas carol concert inspired by Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” talk. As he spoke he illustrated the concepts on a massive white board. This really drew me in (if you will pardon the pun) and kept my attention so I decided to experiment with the style. When Christmas came I built a massive back-projected white board 7 meters long by 2 meters high and used it to illustrate my points. I have just found the audio and redrawn some visuals to go along with it. The actual context of the talk is based around the idea of separating everything into the visible and invisible  and showing how it all points to Jesus. I hope you like it.

play part 1 on YouTube.

play part 2 on YouTube.

play part 3 on YouTube.

play part 4 on YouTube.

The reason for recreating it was to begin to explore how far I can take the idea of illustrating truth with doodles. This was relatively easy to do as the talk was designed to be drawn out but I would like to try other talks and see if it’s possible to illustrate them in this way.


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