Man vs language (Learning a little Greek part 12)

Ben Hadow, a kindred spirit ūüôā The first person to trek solo, without outside assistance, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole.

One of the reasons I think I am still learning Greek is that I am doing it at my speed, in my way, and as a kind of expedition of discovery. I am not sitting passively and being spoon fed but am having to fight tooth and nail to weld my synapses together. Rather than sitting in a class room getting more and more behind I am striking out as a lone explorer across an arctic waste or maybe even a solo round the world yachting person half way up the mast in gale force winds. There is no one around to compare myself to and hence get discouraged because of my slow pace. Rather than being hoisted up a cliff on a rope I am working for every hand hold. There is no time pressure. Just the thrill of man against language.

Marcus Tutt: Extreme solo language learning in sub-zero arctic waters wearing only shorts and T-shirt

On a rather less metaphorical note, I am finding having many different resources extremely helpful. Reading, hearing and seeing the same ideas presented in different ways by different people in different media is a great way of understanding something. It also keeps my interest up as it’s less easy to get bored. Blogging also keeps me motivated as it’s like a life-line of accountability and contact with the real world. Please feel free to send encouragements and cheer me on as I get to the first bend in this massive memory marathon…. Anyway I¬†suppose¬†I’d better go and actually learn some more Greek now.


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