Another batch of verbs (Learning a little Greek part 13)

one is never enough

It was sitting there  looking up at me from the page egging me on. I coundt resist it. I had to learn it. First one Greek verb and then another and another and another. They are so more-ish. There is something addictive about knowing that when I have the root I have the “present, active, indicative” endings for free.

Previously I learnt:

1) I loose         λυω

2) I say             λεγω

3) I throw        βαλλω

4) I heal           θεραπευτω

My news ones are:

5) I save          σωζω               (like zozo the robot)

6) I know        γινωσκω          (Gnostic)

7) I write        γραφω             (graphite pencils)

8) I see             βλεπω              (like a blip on the horizon)

9) I eat             ἐστιω               (comestibles, Gloria Estivan)

10) I take        λαμβανω         (an Italian baby “bambino” taking to the floor doing the lambada dance)

(I am still using as I’m not sure which two keyboards to download for keyman )

Another YouTube resources with 26 vocab words that comprise 10% of the NT. to any page  says John Mark Harris  and you will usually find you know 10% of the words on it. Not bad.

Having said that, I made no attempt to learn these just wanted to hear more words. I am hoping it will make it easier to learn them in the future. Just wanting to get more familiar with hearing and saying the language at this point. BTW In another of his vides he goes with the “Farther” sound for alpha.


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