This day (Fighting Talk part 3)

Goliath was in way over his head and he didn’t even know it. He looked down on David but he failed to look up to heaven and so the last few seconds of his life began counting down.

I am enjoying looking at David’s response to Goliath’s threats as recorded in 1 Sam 17:45-49. These few choice words turned out to be the last that Goliath ever heard as shortly after a small round stone embedded itself in his forehead, ending his life.

“This day” : David says this again in the next verse about the fate of the whole philistine army. He is not looking way into the future; the time is now. This is the day! I need to have a sense of “this day”. Yes God does work over time and his ways are perfect and there is a “now and not yet” but we need a “this day” in our spirits too! One day God’s people will have eternal resurrection bodies but “this day” God will heal the sick. God’s kingdom may be “now and not yet” but we are to pray the first bit, not the second. We don’t pray “not yet God” we cry out “your kingdom come now”!

“The Lord will deliver you into my hand”: He will give you to me. He will make you prone before me. He will bind you and put you in my power. God heals the sick, but he uses us. He delivers sickness into our hand. It is not his usual way of working to heal supernaturaly without involving his people in the victory.  He is like a mother cat bringing home wounded pray to train her kittens in hunting and killing. We are destined to rule and even now God trains us for the throne. He will deliver sickness and oppression over to us to deal with.

“And I will strike you down”: We get to deliver the killer blow! God delivers our foes into our hands and we get to crush them under our feet. We make the strike. We say the words. We exercise the faith. We wield the name. “in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Walk” (Acts 3).

“And cut of your head”: This speaks of decisive victory. The utter ruin and demise of Goliath. There is no coming back after your body has been separated from your head. Goliath is not going to get up again. Such was the victory that Jesus had over Satan on the cross. He crushed his head. The words “Game over” are growing ever larger over the kingdom of darkness.


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