I love your presence (part 10)

It’s been a while since I wrote up more of my notes from a healing conference I went to a few months back. I love doing it as it gives me a chance to enjoy again the amazing truths that where being taught. Two guys from Bill Johnson’s church in Bethel were teaching on healing:

  • People are more put off by religion than craziness. In fact people are drawn to crazy. God’s presence is attractive.
  • In the kingdom, peace is a strategic weapon
  • [You can be so happy in God that] you can go to the bar and they won’t recognise you as out of place
  • Ministry is about creating a space for God to happen.
  • God is on tiptoe to invade the world and waiting for someone to believe him.
  • Walk into an office and say “hey God is so good he wants to [do stuff] and then think about what you will say next.
  • If we trust God we won’t have the responsibility on our shoulders.
  • If nothing happens go to the next bar!
  • At some point God will say “we better back this guy up because he is just going to keep going“.
  • My greatest gift is tenacity.
  • You have the gift of healing, your just learning to partner with God in it. [me – this tricky idea again. Still not quite sure what to make of it. Still, can’t go wrong by eagerly desiring it and stepping out in it]
  • If when you turn up for a job for the first time, you have the job but a lot to learn.
  • The moment you step out is the moment you choose to exercise faith
  • Faith is not exercised when someone gets healed but when you say “excuse me…“.
  • They went to a witch doctors hut in south Africa somewhere with Chris Overstreet. They healed a girl with spina bifida and took her back a long way to her hut. They were greeted by her grandmother? She had a chicken feet necklace. Chris calls out “you’re a witch doctor!”. As they tell her about Jesus she starts manifesting. Chris prophecies about the stuff in her boxes and pictures they had not seen in the next room. After 40 mins all six kids wanted Jesus and got born again and filled with the Spirit. As they worshiped the lights went out. It was pitch black. They heard the lady go and get something and were worried it was an axe! Turned out it was a lamp.
  • The glory cloud in Azusa street was a literal presence that everyone could see including people who were not Christians. The children used to play hide and seek in it. Limbs grew out. A story is told of one person had no shoulder joint and in three minutes had a whole arm. A lady brought her deaf school and each person’s ears popped open. 2006 was the centennial Azusa street celebrations. They went along but got board until they decided to start healing people.
  • The fact that you have said it means you believe it.
  • You have to get it wrong sometimes to get it right.

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