the secret of happiness ( Pursuing and prizing the presence of God Part 4)

When I read Psalm 84 there was so much there I just had to share it. I have got to verse 4 so far where the Psalmist says “Blessed are those who dwell in your house.” So far we have heard loud and clear the writer’s delight in the presence of God but now we start to hear why. Blessed, simply means happy. God’s presence is the secret of happiness, contentment, joy, peace and security. You remember the advert “happiness is a cigar called hamlet”? If not you will have heard the same lie in a thousand variations. This food is happiness, this drink, this car, this dress, this relationship, this job, this exam result, is happiness. The truth is none of the above will deliver as much as this: the presence of God.

One of Jesus’ main messages was about happiness. In the beatitudes he basically said there is a happiness that is going to be made available to those who have realised it’s not found in a cigar.

I spent half an hour today, lying on the floor, enjoying God’s love. Has a hundred calls on my time kept popping into my head I felt the Spirit whisper “this is the better way” (Luke 10:40-42). The moment I make myself aware of God’s love and presence I feel happy. It’s so wonderful to experience the truth. I can’t stop smiling these days. It’s a smile that starts from deep inside. When it reaches my mouth I find it can’t stretch wide enough and so I have a little chuckle. God is soooo Good. His love is the best thing in the world.


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