A series of coincidences (reaching for fruit in supernatural healing part 3)

I love God’s presence. Last Sunday I went to another church’s evening meeting as I heard it was a great place to enjoy the powerful presence of God. Of course God is always present, of course He turns up when I’m alone, of course He is there when I worship on Sundays, but hey, I’m, greedy.

Actually I also felt that God had lead me to go through a series of “coincidences”. A few months ago I started following the testimony of Delia Knox, a lady who got out of a wheel chair at a church meeting in Mobile Alabama in a move of God called, I think “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival”. I was really believing God for healing to break out here in the Norwich in the UK  and so was looking around for testimonies of what God is doing elsewhere.

I followed this particular healing for two reasons. First, I just happened to be studying Acts 3 and 4 where a man whose legs didn’t work gets healed (I know the Acts one is far more dramatic and conclusive but there are at least some similarities you have to admit). The second reason was that I was basically curious as to how much of a healing had taken place and how long lasting it would be. Well, as I followed it, it seemed more and more genuine to me and was a source of great encouragement.

The first coincidence (or the second if you count the timing of her healing with my preaching on Acts 3) was that this lades’ home in the states turned out to be very near where I was born. I know that’s a small thing but it did make it a bit more special for me. Secondly (or thirdly) she was healed at a church in the states that just happened to have some links with one in my city. I stumbled across a meeting that was due to take place in Norwich where, John Wilkinson, one of the guys from “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival” was speaking.

Even more significant though, was that a prophecy was given in Mobile Alabama by Nathan Morris, one of the key guys involved with the healing, that God would make Norwich in the UK a city of refuge, revival and healing . At the time that it was given it just so happened that a guy from Norwich was there (he was actually at the meeting I went in Norwich and spoke a little about it).

Anyway, after a cancelation due to snow and missing the rescheduled one, I final got to go to this church in Norwich and hear from one of the guys connected with all that God is doing in Mobile. I must say I had a great time. The presence of God was really tangible as people got prayed.

I thank God for all the great churches in Norwich and the way God is beginning to move!  The more I press into healing the more I discover that others are way ahead of me and that’s actually very encouraging. I am not much of a pioneer but as I can’t let go of this healing thing I want be with others who are pressing forward too.


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