You can quote me on that (part 12)

Saw a great quote recently so decided to go to twitter to get some more. When I startd reading I realised how much I have missed it! I was wondering how PJ Smyth was and lo and behold there was a tweet to his latest blog article Great. Then Simon Holly pointed to this . Wow, what a profound sense of joy and sadness it evokes. Tried to comment more on it but couldn’t express it right. Just listen to it for yourself. Anyway here is another batch of quotes starting with the one I saw first:

“the epistles where the wives of the Apostles” an (incorrect) answer, written by a student in one of the exam papers he set as an RE teacher

“When people sugarcoat Christianity, arrange it all very nicely, they have, in effect, taken away the Cross.” AW Tozer

The problem with all of us- both believers&unbelievers,is that no one ALWAYS lives consistent with what we claim to believe RickWarren

Servants get salaries, sons and daughters get an inheritance. Leif Hetland

Don’t equate historically early with theologically accurate John Piper

The mind is either at war with God or it is being renewed. There is no middle ground.  Bill Johnson

Arrogance isn’t thinking too much of ourselves but thinking too little of others.  Bill Johnson

Revival is not for the faint of heart. It brings fear to the complacent because of the risks it requires. Bill Johnson

billjohnsonBJM If you watch what you think you won’t have to watch what you say.

Some churches are like flight-simulators. The student-pilot thinks he’s flying realistically at 30,000 feet – yet he is bolted to the ground. All on the screen, but not on the scene. No simulated Christianity please. Let’s go out to the highways and byways and win our lost world for Jesus. REINHARD BONNKE

When Jesus says angels will throw the devil into a furnace (Mat 13:50) he’s not giving a parable, he’s interpreting a parable. JohnPiper

That will do for now. Better drag myself away from twitter for a while.


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