Evidence for the resurrection (Adjusted by Jesus Part 13)

I am blogging on Jesus’ letter to the church in Smyrna. As I read it I feel the hand of God upon me adjusting my thinking in a number of areas. I have almost finished it now but I wanted to share something that I was reminded of as I read the story of Joseph Tson recently. He was willing to die for what he believed in which, though it does gives weight to what he believed in, is not quite the same thing as what was going on BTWwith the very early disciples.

If you doubt the truthfulness of the bibles claims, as I did, especially the NT, bear in mind as you read it that most of it’s authors died for the truth of what they wrote. This, for me, is one of the most persuasive augments for the resurrection. Not just that people believed he rose from the dead but that people were prepared to die because they had seen him rise from the dead. They saw him die and they saw him walk and talk and eat and drink with them after he came back to life. They died not because of what someone had convinced them of (many people have died for things others had convinced them of) but because of their witness to the resurrection and the implications it had for who Jesus was. Read the NT again and remember its authors died in defence of what they had seen with their own eyes. It makes a difference for me anyway, that the writers of the bible, both human and divine, signed their first hand experience and eye witness testimony with their last drop of blood.


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