Spend spend spend ( Pursuing and prizing the presence of God Part 12)

Now I come to the last verse in Psalm 84. I started reading it many months ago and through it I have been spending time with someone who prizes and pursues the presence of God. In verse 12 I get the key to it all: Faith. The key that opens the door to God’s presence is not our own good works, not some secret password or hidden knowledge but simple faith in God. More specifically, now, faith in Jesus Christ and what he has done for us; That he bore our sin on the cross and dealt with it there once and for all. His death tore open the temple curtain and opened the way to the Father.

What’s more we are temples of the Holy Spirit. As we trust in him God comes to us and makes his home in us. The author of life, the prince of peace, the king of Kings lives in me by his Spirit. That is true and to be trusted.

The best thing in my life is God’s presence. It’s not just that he gives me everything I need, he is everything I need. It’s not therefore that I need more of God, or for him to make himself more available to me but that I need to trust that he is all that he is to me more. What a shame to be rich and not enjoy it because you think you are poor, or that your money will run out any minute. If you are rich you would want to know it and daily draw out of your account money to spend on yourself and those around you. Blessed is the man who trusts that God is good and loving and present to bless and everyday draws out of that truth joy and acceptance and strength and love and power and knowledge and wisdom and comfort and direction and meaning and purpose.


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