to die in faith

The same thing happened the last time I sorted out my study. There on the floor lay a book that I had never seen before. It’s title “A daily guide to miracles” by Oral Roberts  grabbed me immediately so I picked it up and prised it open. It was an old book, with a faded cover and it pages moved with the weighty softness and flexibility acquired through years of intense reading. I guess they must pick up oils from the skin over years of handling which makes them so heavy and flexible.

And it was obvious that this book had been well read, not just in the way it moved, but form the fact that almost every line was inked over with a highlighter pen. The majority of  pages where entirely covered, while on the rest only a few lines here and there remained unstroked. (So much was highlighted in this way that I was drawn to the bits that were missed out! Why were they not so good I wondered).

As I scanned the introduction I realised that this book was made up of individual daily readings with the instruction to go through the book three times every year. Someone had obviously done so and gone through this book every day again and again.

The book was written to seed and grow faith for miracles. And then I realised who’s it was. It had belonged to a lady who died some time ago after suffering for many years from a serious illness. Here was a book that she had lived on, and that had fed her faith while she trusted God for a miracle in her own body. Like many heroes in the bible she died not seeing the fullness of what was promised. Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham:

all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. (ESV) Heb 11:13

God’s kingdom will advance in this age but there will always be a fullness to come in the next.  I want to be pressing forward in such a way that when the door to the next age opens I don’t just stand there I fall through it. I want to believe God for people to get well, and I actually want to see that happen, but I don’t want to have under estimated God’s power and goodness to do so. Like this dear lady I want to be someone who lives and dies in faith.


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