Healing Heroes

Thought I would begin to make a list of some of the healing heroes that have seen God do amazing things in the past. They are not by any means perfect but it seems to me that they have been greatly used by God in the area of healing. Like with everyone else its going to be helpful to sift what they said and taught but after that there are still many nuggets of gold left in the pan.

Jack Coe


Oral Roberts


(Kenith Copland calls him his spiritual father?)

Katheryn Kulman


(Benny Hinn looked to her as a spiritual mentor?)

Benny Hinn

Here is my favorite Benni Hinn healing video:





I love the way the guy is so baffled by it all and yet God touches and heals him.

A A Allen


Amie Semple McPherson



Morris Cerullo


Reinhardt Bonnkie



For some reason I’ve made a note of Reverend Joseph Lee but I have no idea who he is. Any other healing big hitters that I have missed?


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