Spurgeon on the Sovereignty of God

Long ago I started a series on the Sovereignty of God by looking at Bruce Ware’s “God’s greater glory”. Sadly, after an over excited start I never got past the first few pages. Still, with the topic on my mind I came across this helpful quote from surgeon:

believe that the two great doctrines of human responsibility and divine sovereignty have both been brought out the more prominently in the Christian Church by the fact that there is a class of strong-minded hard-headed men who magnify sovereignty at the expense of responsibility; and another earnest and useful class who uphold and maintain human responsibility oftentimes at the expense of divine sovereignty. I believe there is a needs-be for this in the finite character of the human mind, while the natural lethargy of the Church requires a kind of healthy irritation to arouse her powers and to stimulate her exertions. The pebbles in the living stream of truth are worn smooth and round by friction. Who among us would wish to suspend a law of nature whose effects on the whole are good? http://www.spurgeon.org/sermons/0442.htm





(PS Thanks to all who pointed out the missing “p” in Spurgeon!)




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