A quick fast

I was eating my super and watching a DVD on fasting a few days ago. mmmm. Someone gave me a book on fasting a year or so ago and so when God began to prod me to fast again after a while of not doing so I picked it off my shelf. Since I was already trawling youtube for vids on fasting I thought I’d give the DVD at the back of the book a go to.

Here are a couple of quotes that stood out for me:

“Fasting is tying a ribbon around your finger to remember God” Jentezen Franklin

“When God has placed a dream inside of you that only He can make possible, you need to fast and pray.” Jentezen Franklin

“there are some things I desire more than food” Jentezen Franklin

When I got round to doing a fast I found it massively effective and worth all the hunger and subsequent tummy trouble! I found strength to do some things I find rather hard, saw breakthrough in something that had been stuck for weeks and had a phone call from a friend I’d not heard from for ages. Not only did he need prayer for healing but encouraged me massively with a testimony of healing from many years ago.

It also helped me improve my diet a little, drastically reducing the sugar I eat and stepping up the juicing, although I do not think that I will try pure beetroot juice again in a hurry! Now carrot juice is another matter altogether.

At first I thought it tasted like paint stripper but I persevered, moving on from the bottled variety to carton which tastes a lot better. Then a friend gave me a juicer and I’ve never looked back. Take 2-3 kgs of carrots. Peal, chop, juice and pour into a glass along with some of the froth and you have what appears to be an orange pint of Guinness, except this nectar is twice as smooth and far more healthy. mmmm

PS. I am sad to say that I cannot recommend juicing broccoli. uck!


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