Nouns – been there, done that, got the T-shirt (Learning a little Greek part 21)

Well I finally did nouns. Kind of. Third declension got a bit tricky so I moved onto verbs. So far I have looked at Present Indicative verbs, Future Indicative, and taken a sneak peek at some others tenses. I am slowly working through the book Basics of Biblical Greek (BBG) by Bill Mounce, supplementing that with his DVDs and trying to keep up with the exercises in his workbook.  I also found a great app for my android phone called bibleflashcards that’s helping me with my vocabulary when I am out and about

Oh and I bought “A Reader’s Greek New Testament” by Richard J. Goodrich, Albert L. Lukaszewski which should help me learn to read the greek bible better. At present my interlinear is giving too much away (it has the translation under each word) and my all Greek text is too hard (no translations at all). The Reader’s Greek NT has all the common words in a lexicon at the back and the rare ones noted at the bottom of the page. I am currently looking forward to Mounce’s vocabulary CD which is coming through the post soon. I ordered it as I need to hit my vocab. harder by blasting it into my ears on the way to and from work.

I got BBG for Christmas last year when I was expecting to take 40 years to learn greek. The book was so good that after a few months I was hoping to have got through it by January this year but looks like I may fall quite a bit short of that. O well, I have come a long way since learning the alphabet in October 2010.

Looking ahead for when I do finish BBG, apparently these are good:

·         A Summer Greek Reader: A Workbook for Maintaining Your Biblical Greek

·         A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek

·         Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament [Hardcover]

·         A Workbook for New Testament Syntax: Companion to Basics of New Testament Syntax and Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics

(Added 22/11/11 I should get this too : The morphology of Biblical Greek)

and then onto Hebrew:

·         Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar

·         Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook

·         BIBLICAL HEBREW LAMINATED SHEET (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)

Can’t wait!

PS. Only trouble is that I’ve not had a chance to do any Greek for a week or so now and I seem to have gone backwards again. I tried to do some exercises last night and couldn’t. Arg! What a roller coaster ride of highs and lows this language learning business is! Looks like it gets a lot harder up ahead too. Somehow I need to build up momentum again but not sure how.


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