Delia Knox : a year or so on

When I first saw the video of Delia getting out of the wheel chair I was fascinated and exited but cautious. I decided to watch how things developed. Something like that could not fissile out and time would show it to be genuine. I guess though even if she did end up back in the chair for the rest of her life I would not want to totally dismiss what happened but actually the reverse turned out to be the case.

I read this article recently which sums up most of my thoughts.

Similar points I would make are:

1) Some scepticism is healthy when someone, apparently miraculously, gets out of wheel chair. People do fake it, leaders can be deceptive, excitement can carry us away, and we can be naive.

2) But there should also be a high expectation for this sort of thing, at least among Christians. The bible leads us to expect this sort of thing to happen so there should be a balancing weight for our scepticism that expects this to happen and doesn’t rule it out but rather actively looks for it. (Having read this through after posting it I think points 1 and 2 should be swapped round in order of priority. We expect miracles but check them out careful because we don’t want the in authentic to undermine genuine miracles).

3) Her previous illness is well documented. Sometimes it’s not clear how ill someone was before the alleged miracle. In this case there is no doubt that she was in an accident many years ago and was for many years in a wheel chair. I would have thought the longer you are in a chair the less chance you have of walking due to muscle atrophy too. While the degree of incapacitation out of the public eye can only be attested by those who know her well I see no reason to think she was up and about “Little Britton” style when the camera where off.

4) She is of good character. Nothing I have seen leads me to believe she is of dubious character. Everything points towards her being a genuine and honest person.

5) The miracle itself was captured on video. It was not behind closed doors but publicised around the world. The events of subsequent nights were also filmed and publicised. We could all watch on and see what was happening.

6) The miracle was understated rather than overstated, testified to in a cautious manner, and described as progressive. No one pretended that she was better then she really was.

7) The guys that prayed for her didn’t seem to cash in on it.

8) There is ample documentation, testimony and video evidence that she is walking now, even though her movement is not 100% perfect at this point.

9) Of course you could suggest other explanation ie her nerves had grown back together over time and she just needed a reason to try them out but there will always be this kind of explanation in such cases. The same could be true of the guy who got up in Acts 3 although that is a far greater miracles in that he had never walked and his healing seemed to be more total and instantaneous. If you think miracles never happen then, especially at a distance of half way round the world, it’s hard to see how any amount of evidence would change that. A missing leg growing back might do it I suppose but I don’t think even Jesus did that (creative miracles of that nature are however reported to have taken place at the Azuza street revival and a more recent testimony at Since I first drafted this post a couple of days ago (before it had been posted), I got a comment testifying to another miracle of this sort  and then in another coincidence  I read this testimony of 500 people receiving new limbs What do I do with that?).

Over a year ago Delia Knox got out of wheel chair after being in it for over two decades. People have said she never got out of it in that time in the same way and I have no evidence to contradict that. What is certain and documented is that she lived and worked in a chair all that time and now she is walking around out of the chair. I am thrilled this has proved lasting and genuine and pray we will see more and greater things in the days ahead. (Another comment “post post”  so to speak- I really should have let this incubate for a few more days before posting: In all this discussion about the occurrence of miracles today and specifically weather this one is genuine or not I don’t want to miss the fact that an individual’s life has been changed for the better. God has been very gracious to a lady he loves dearly and she can now move in a way she was previously unable to do. It seems a small thing in all the storm of controversy but for Delia Knox and her Lord and  Savior it’s probably the most signification thing about it. It reminds me of when Jesus healed a blind man and the excited fellow ended up being grilled by the indignant and hostile Pharisees).

A recent clip I found of her walking around.


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