If at first you don’t succeed…

I tried my fermented vegetables the other day and they tasted as bad as they smelt. I left them in the jar for several more days, too scared to do anything with them. Do you remember a film called “the Thing”? What had I created? Anyway, eventually, gagging on the stench I scooped them away.

A few days later I decided to have another go. This time with more salt to kill the bad bacteria and no helping hand from my probiotic capsules; just salt, pounded raw cabbage and the passing of time. Oh, and I have covered them so they are in darkness. Plus, I only used cabbage this time. No apple to fuel the fermentation process or carrots and peppers for colour.

mmmm (you can read that as an unconvinced “mmmm” or as a “mmmm delicious”, depending on your fancy for fermented food).


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