Verbs (Learning a little Greek part 22)

I am well into the verbal system now. I’ve done a lot of present, future and imperfect indicative but now the Aorist tense is slowing me down because the roots are a bit different. Turns out that all the vocab I have learnt for present tense is least related of all the tenses to the real verbal root and I have to memorise the verbal roots as well if I am to be in a good place to learn all the vocab for the other tenses.

The vocab CD is helpful but just gives the lexical form of the words not the various stems (versions of the verbal root for each tense). I tend to listen to it in the car, although my brain fades it out after a while. Hopefully some of it is going in.

So basically it’s just hard work learning vocab and doing the translation exercises. Not very exciting or glamorous. Can’t think of anything to make it more fun at this point. I’ve got all the materials. I’ve read ahead a bit. I recon I am half way through the book so maybe this is just a half time flagging feeling. It should be more exciting as I cross the half way point. My aim is to get to the chapters on participles by Christmas. Hey ho.


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