Keeping it real

Songs come from the heart and that is what makes the book of Psalms so good. There is something real and authentic about each of them as the singers expresses themselves whole heartedly to God with a full and frank range of emotions. If life is tough and they feel like God has forsaken them they say so but they don’t leave it there. The psalmists are not only real about themselves and their situation they are real about God, both who he is and what he has done.

Part of the richness of revelation in the palms comes from the used nature of the truths expressed in them. When the psalmist says “The LORD is good” it is not like a shiny, new, just out of the bubble wrap truth about God, but it’s a well worn, tried and tested statement being wielded in battle. The composers are not simply passing on facts they have heard about God but declaring deeply owned and forcefully wielded convictions about him.

It seems to me that these verses are also warm. Like the breath that comes from our mouths when we speak or the heat in an object held a long time a time in the hand. They are doubly alive, being breathed out by God and breathed out by his people.

God loves the Psalms because he loves us being real with him and about him. He is, of course, the ultimate author of them and time and time again the wind of the Spirit gets behind the words and lifts them up out of their original context to speak profoundly and clearly about Jesus.

Over the summer we had have short preaching series on the Psalms. The aim was to encourage us to be be real with God about our emotions and situations, yet equally real in taking hold of and declaring the truth of who He is and what he has done for us in Jesus.


I got carried away with the graphics and for some reason thought that a style from a Computer Game would be good for it. I loved the dynamic nature of the image but missed the obvious fact that  the essence of the preach was 180 degrees in the opposite direction to a synthetic computer game. Doh! I still like my attempt (although it needs more particles) but am really pleased someone came up with a more suitable one. I drew it all with a pencil and then digitally played around with it. Nothing else seemed to work that well. Anyway it was a great series.


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