Iron man (part 2)

Well I just did the Sprint – my first supernatural triathlon. The 45 mins of worship went way too quickly although I did walk about the house a bit and tread on the cat. It took me 90 minutes to read through the first 20 chapters of John (ie all except the last one), which was much longer than I expected. The praying went quite quickly though. Great to have done it but I think I need to tweak it a bit. Here are my new times:

Distance\mode Tongues/worship hours Bible reading hours Hours of prayer
Sprint 0.5 0.5 0.5
Intermediate/Standard/Olimpic 1 1 1
Long Course/half iron man 2 2 2
Ultra Distance/Iron man 4 4 4

I think keeping the timings simple helps remember them and keep it all balanced. Reading by time rather than chapter keeps that section in step with the others and means you don’t have to have extra guidelines to avoid short chapters like the psalms being used as short cuts. Also it takes all sense of competition and speeding along out of it.

Starting at half an hour makes the sprint seem like a sprint. I wanted to make the iron man three lots of three hours in order to make it within reach but then realized that the half iron man should be half the distance of the full one, so 12 hours it is. I suppose it is the nature of the iron man to seem impossible. That’s why there is a half iron man.

Well I guess I have already more than done the sprint and actually almost done the Olympic so I’m not sure what to do next. Actually, I think I will try the Olympic as it will give me a chance to enjoy the slightly longer worship. I’ll read an OT book this time and I may even finish praying for everyone in the church too. I only got to H before.  I will save the half iron man for next time!

PS.  I think I will add bible memorisation to the things doable in the bible reading section. Might help give some variety to the full iron man.

PPS.  Here is the advert for the first triathlon:

The First Annual Mission Bay Triathlon, a race consisting of segments of running, bicycle riding, and swimming, will start at the causeway to Fiesta Island at 5:45 P.M. September 25. The event will consist of 6 miles of running (longest continuous stretch, 2.8 miles), 5 miles of bicycle riding (all at once), and 500 yards of swimming (longest continuous stretch, 250 yards). Approximately 2 miles of running will be barefoot on grass and sand. Each paricipant must bring his own bicycle. Awards will be presented to the first five finishers. For further details contact Don Shanahan (488-4571) or Jack Johnstone (461-4514).

Check out the story of how the original triathlon was invented


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