2012 A Sanity check : is being a Christian obviously wrong? (part 5 – Meaning)

What is the point? It’s a good question. I used to enjoy making up my own meaning. To be happy, to enjoy life, to be good to others, to be liked etc…But as understandable, and common as they are what basis do they have in reality? What if someone else chose the opposite as their ultimate goal and purpose? Can meaning be custom designed and manufactured by us on demand? I do not think so.

Christianity is sane in that it affirms a meaningful universe. The universe and you and me were intentionally made by an eternal God for a reason. True meaning is found in his plans and purposes, not ours. God alone gives intimate meaning and purpose to life but since we are made in his image its not surprising that we love to set goals and construct short term purposes. These things though are only valid in the light of those that God himself has set.

Whether of not you know God it is good to live in order to love others, and bad to live in order to hurt others. Why?  Because our attempts at setting meaning are tested against God’s ultimate meaning for us. However when we make anything other than the glory of God in Jesus Christ the ultimate reason for living we put ourselves in God’s place as the author or ultimate meaning and purpose. And it is quite a noisy and crowded place!

Christianity seems consistent to me in that it affirms a meaningful universe and grounds that meaning in it’s one and only creator who has always existed.


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