2012 A Sanity check : is being a Christian obviously wrong? (part 9 – Experience)

I have been doing several sanity checks on my Christian world view to see if it is obviously false. I’ve not been arguing for its truthfulness, but checking for insanity. I have measured it up against some of the big rocks in the universe like space and time, personhood, morality, meaning, etc (I guess I could have looked at information and truth too but I’ll call it a day for now). But while Christianity is intellectually rational it is also experientially tangible. Jesus can be known, the love of the Father experienced, the power of God displayed, forgiveness known, joy to be had, etc . Christianity is not a philosophy to be understood but a relationship to be entered into.

I remember when I fist became a Christian how I experienced myself change from the inside out. I look back over the years and see how I have come to know Jesus better and experience more of the Father’s love. I have seen and heard of people supernaturally healed, I have felt joy even in pain, I have had people tell/prophecy things to me that only me and God would know. I have seen people prophecy things to others that they could not have known themselves without some inside knowledge. I have overcome harmful habits and addictions. I know there is more but I have experienced a lot so far. I have stepped out onto the invisible bridge and felt its support under my feet.

If you see water in the desert, of course it might be a mirage. But if you drink it and it satisfied you then it passes at least one of the biggest tests of authenticity. I called out to Jesus and he met me. Christianity certainly passes the sanity check of my experience.

PS. Check out this video where Piper talks about how Jesus can be known, aside from any detailed historical enquiry:


William Lane Craig puts the arguments for God’s existence well here with some good stuff on history and experience. -33.03


He talks about belief in God being a properly basic belief grounded in our experince of God (like the belief in external reality or other minds). “We must not so concentrate on the extrnal arguments that we fail to hear the inner voice of God speaking to our hearts. For those who listen God becomes an immediate reality in their olives.”


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