Thank you

Michael Ramsdon once remarked to his hair dresser “Its not that we have nothing to be thankful for, it’s that we have no one to be thankful to”. Apparently it got her thinking.

A friend of mine sometimes relates the story of being part of a group of tourists who spontaneously applauded a beautiful sun set. Who were they clapping? Is there anyone to thank when a new baby is delivered in to our family?

The bible says (Romans 1) that we have enough knowledge to tell us there is a God yet we do not live as we should in the light of that information. Not only do we not thank him but we have a disturbing tendency to deliberately suppress the truth about him. We kind of put our fingers in our ears and go “la la la”.

The stars in the sky, the beauty of our world, the brokenness of our world, our moral awareness and our sense of self, all point to God. A perfectly good,  eternally powerful creator.  The Philosopher William Lane Craig is good at spelling out the logical steps of this argument but I can’t for now find a good video of him doing so. He argues for a timeless, perfectly good, all powerful, personal God and I’ll do my best at summarising from memory.

God is timeless because time must have had a beginning. He is good because morality must have an absolute foundation. He is all powerful because bringing things into being out of nothing is pretty hard and he is personal because we know of no other sort of immaterial causal agent to kick creation off.

Anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for. But what about the bad stuff? Well I have someone who can help me with that but that’s another story.


I found this  interesting Piper clip about the need for knowledge before moral culpability based on Romans 1.


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