God determines all

Interviewer: Has God pre-determined every tinny detail in the universe such as dust particles in the air, including all our besetting sins?

Piper: Yes.

He then refers to a quote from Spurgeon:

“With God there are no contingencies. The mighty charioteer of Providence has gathered up all the reins of all the horses, and He guides them all according to His infallible wisdom. There is a foreknowledge and predestination which concerneth all things, from the motion of a grain of dust on the threshing-floor to that of the flaming comet which blazes athwart the sky. Nothing can happen but what God ordains; and therefore, why should we fear? BA39 “ Spurgeon

I can’t actually find a quote like this in Spurgeon’s work (the ones I have access to anyway). The best I can find is from this site:


BA refers to the book “Barbed Arrows”, a collection of quotes form Spurgeon, but I am not sure what the original source is in Spurgeon’s work.

Piper backs up his answer biblically from:

The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the LORD. Prov 16:33

“Randomness is not random to God. He is not the least taxed by keeping every sub nucluar particle in its place.” Piper.

Full Piper interview:


and the transcript


My previous thoughts on a similar subject:



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