Who am I and how do I fit? (How Spiritual are you? Part 3)

On the one hand we consider ourselves a purely scientific rational people yet on the other entertain and engage in all sorts of spiritual activity. As a nation we might look down on the resurrection of Jesus or his miracles and yet buy healing crystals and dream catchers, and buy into notions of fate and astrology. Why is that?

It seems to me that much of what motivates our spiritual activity can be boiled down to a couple of related motivating factors:

1) Looking inward and asking who am I? What can I become? The I question.

2) Reaching outward to connect with something else. More than me. The us question.

We know we are more than molecules and connection is more than pleasure and physical proximity. We want to touch something and be somebody. There is something going on under the surface of life that is real.



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