Holy Spirit empowered (How Spiritual are you? (Part 8)

Have you ever wondered why there are really,  really cleaver people who do not believe in God and really, really, cleaver people who do?  I know of at least a couple of situations where there have been two brothers, same parents, similar upbringings I guess, both extremely intelligent, yet one loves Jesus and the other thinks that’s ridiculous. The late Christopher Hitches was as far as we know an ardent atheist to the end, while his brother Peter, is a believer. Christopher’s good friend was Larry Tauton. A Christian who leads one the world’s foremost Christian debating organisation. It’s not about intelligence. It’s about the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Second plumb line of true spirituality is that it is Holy Spirit empowered. My response to the gospel was not because I was inelegant (just read this typo but thought I’d leave it in! I meant “intelligent” ) enough to figure it out. It was not due to my upbringing or a preachers persuasive power. All these tings could be “just right” and I would have thought it foolish. But by God’s grace his holy Spirit opened my heart to see clearly and respond freely.

That does not mean that God does not work through words and thinking. He definatly does. The gospel is:

“words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words” 1 Cor 2:13.

So of course we need to think about it and investigate it and read about it, and go on alpha and read the bible talk to friends and listen to preaches and read blogs! The Holy Spirit works through arguments and apologetics but no one will accept those arguments without the Holy Spirit at work in them. God loves to open people’s hearts as they hear the gospel; The “testimony” about his son!


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