Characteristics of the Spirit’s empowering (How Spiritual are you? Part 9)

We get the gospel, the good news about Jesus, because the Holy Spirit helps us see sense. In closing this series I want to touch on a few others aspects of the working of God’s power through the gospel.

First, the message of the gospel is supposed to be backed up with clear demonstration of power. Power is a very convincing apologetic. When people get healed or raised from the dead, it puts the gospel in a whole new light. We need more of that do we not?

Second, there is the power of changed lives and deliverance from spiritual oppression. I know so many people who have found freedom from all sorts of unhelpful hurts, addictions and thoughts and have seen may lives transformed for the better.

Third, there is the experiential felt love of God. Of course we don’t just go on feelings but hear and believe the truth, but the word is living and active! God wants us to know his love, for it to be a living and tangible experience for us. That’s where joy comes from. Have you felt the embrace of your loving heavenly Father lately?

There is perhaps one more aspect of the empowering of the Spirit that is worth mentioning and it’s this: God’s power is worked out in weakness. True Spiritual power operates in the context of apparent weakness. Not strength. Paul came to the Corinthians in weakness. He went on to spend a lot of his life in prison. You would think he would command the prison doors to open in Jesus name. You can be sick yourself and yet be used to heal others. You can be imprisoned and yet set others free of oppression. You can raise the dead and yet be put to death yourself. True spiritual power this side of eternity will usually look week. There will however be nothing week looking about Jesus when he comes in to usher in the age to come.


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