The heart of the matter (How Spiritual are you? Part 10)

True Spiritually is knowing by the Spirit of God what we have been freely given in the son of God. At the heart of this definition of true spirituality is grace and its why we need so much help “getting it”. True spiritually is specifically about what Jesus has done for me. For some reason I have a tendency to think that spirituality must be about what I do. Certain practices, rituals, traditions, prayers, moral codes etc. These things have their place but they are not at the heart of true spirituality and not usually the things we really need help from.  In fact if we get the heart of the gospel these other things work out a lot better anyway. So what is it? The heart of true spiritually is what Jesus has done for us. What we have been freely given by God. It’s so simple but so hard to “get”. He died for us. He was punished in our place. We get his relationship with his father. We get his goodness and righteousness to us. It’s so outrageous and so “objectionable” to my natural mind that I desperately need God’s Spirit to see it for the glorious truth it really is. True Spirituality is knowing and focusing on and delighting in what Jesus has done for me on the cross. If you want to know if something is truly spiritual just ask if it comes from this source.


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