Cameron’s Christianity

Just read a thought provoking article in the Guardian reporting David Cameron’s Christian faith and his support for a Christian “fight back”. His argument is based on values embodied by Jesus such as love, grace, humility, compassion, generosity etc. Values of course that can “be embraced by anyone of any faith or non.”

Something occurred to me though. If so much of what Jesus said and did seems self evidently true and good to us, that does then lend some weight to the other things that he said. Things that we have either overlooked or find harder to accept.  Things like his claim to be the only way to God the Father. Christianity is not simply a philosophy that embraces certain values, it is a personal faith that embraces Jesus and him alone, as Lord and saviour. It is not a moral code it is a relationship. A Christian does not just love truth and grace and compassion and forgiveness but the person and God who is those things. It is not so much that Jesus embodies these value but that we have disembodied and abstracted them from him.  See here for full article.

Another interesting aspect of the article was the way it contrasted his current statements with those made in 2008:

“I believe, you know. I am a sort of typical member of the Church of England. As Boris Johnson once said, his religious faith is a bit like the reception for Magic FM in the Chilterns: it sort of comes and goes. That sums up a lot of people in the Church of England. We are racked with doubts, but sort of fundamentally believe, but don’t sort of wear it on our sleeves or make too much of it. I think that is sort of where I am.” Full article.


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