Nothing buttery

Just read a great article in a Guardian review of  “God and the New Physics” by Paul Davies:

Even if we no longer buy the idea of seven heavens, seven cardinal virtues or seven choirs of angels, we still have an uneasy sense that our lives are for something. The problem is defined as “nothing-buttery”. That is: are humans “nothing but” a collection of molecules, nothing but a set of survival machines for their genes? Is the universe really pointless and purposeless? And if it is, why does it contain even one species that suddenly can look at the evidence and frame such a question? 

It reminded me of the films AI and Blade runner. AI explores the idea of a sentient robot while blade runner does the same with creatures that have been genetically engineered from scratch. Would robots or creatures made from synthetic DNA question their own existence and reach out for meaning? Would there be any for them? Why? Is that very different from what we are doing? Both films seem very dark and sad to me. It’s a long time ago since I saw it but as I remember it was always raining in blade runner “tears in the rain”   and David the boy robot always sounded very sad. As it says in the trailer “his love is read but he is not”.

The good news is of course that we are not “nothing but” molecules. Meaning is found as we reach out for God and find him in the person of Jesus. The meaning and context for our lives is then his love for us for all eternity. I am because he loves me.


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