Anime studio

After much searching I have just found a brilliant animation package Anime Studio Debut What’s more I got it for free via TrialPay

Anime studio Debut  does pretty much everything I wanted. You can animate individual points, or move them via bones. The drawing tools are brilliantly intuitive, easy to use and along with an input decide with pressure sensitivity gives a great look to pictures. When I think I want to do something I almost always discover they have implemented it.  So far I have animated peppa pig, done a crude walk cycle, a boat on the sea, and a jeep with a couple of soldiers in and the start of a short story about a mouse called “Peri pipto”. (Thats the Greek for “fall into and be encompassed by”. When thinking about the word I decided to remember it by thinking of a mouse called “peripipto” who was always falling into trouble).

If this package is so good I wonder what’s in the pro version which cost over $200?

Here are a few of my first animations.

mmm. Turns out its harder to animate than I thought. I can see it in my head but its doesn’t seem to come out on that well in reality. I had that experience with music. It’s in my head but couldn’t get it out. Or perhaps it’s just the thought of a good animation that is in my head and there is nothing to come out. Anyway it was enjoyable giving it a go.


One thought on “Anime studio

  1. Hi! I disagree that it hasn’t come out very well. I think you have an incredibly good gift for recreating natural movement and perspective in 2D. I like the bird in the first animation.

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