Crib Booklet (part 25)

When learning biblical Greek I have found it helpful to have a little booklet on me with key notes and tables in. Since I probably cannot publish the whole thing due to most of the tables being from Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek I thought I would upload the template I used to make the booklet. You can then just cut and paste your own notes into it. The two jpegs are two sides of a sheet of A4. Each little page is numbered and the folding instructions are on them on them so you first fold page 2 onto page 3, then 5 onto 4 and finally 8 onto 9. I then staple the middle of the book and cut around the other three non-spine edges to release the pages of the booklet. Simple. The other little diagram on it is my printer reminding me how to print it out double sided but I’m sure it will be different for you. Getting the two sides lined up required a bit of trial and error in the word doc where I pasted my two final jpegs. I found the tables in BBG for imperative to be a bit tricky so I did my own which is here too.

side 1

side 2


One thought on “Crib Booklet (part 25)

  1. Hey Marcus,

    I have found Bill Mounce’s small book ‘Biblical Greek – A Compact Guide’ really useful as a small reference to hand with my Greek Testament, for when my brain has forgotten bits. It is small and has a useful plastic cover for when I spill my coffee over it.

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